Caring for Students - International Students

International Student Program

There are approximately 70 international students currently enrolled at Kogarah High School in 2017. They are from China, Vietnam, Philippine, Malaysia, Thailand, and South Korea. Kogarah High School provides innovative and engaging learning opportunities across the academic, sporting, cultural and civic curriculum to all the international students.

International student meetings

At Kogarah, international students have regular meetings fortnightly. In the meetings, students are provided with additional support and informed about the important regulations and policies from DE international. They may also share and discuss any issues related to their study and homestay.

International student activities

At Kogarah, international student actively participated various activities at school such as Chinese New Year celebration, Harmony Week, Swimming and athletic Carnival. They also have been to different places around Sydney such as Sydney Taronga Zoo, Sydney Indoor Rock climbing, Darling Harbour on excursions.

International Student Prefects

Shuo (Roger) Liang

Tianlang (Raymond) Li

Xiaoqiang (Shaun) Guo

Xianpu (Michael) Chen

International Student Achievements

High Achievers in Past HSC Examinations

Weihan (Brain) Wang 2016 NSW First place Chinese Background Speakers ATAR 90.05

Phuong Dung (Elaine) CAO 2016 ATAR 96.00

Hualing TENG 2013 DUX ATAR 98.00

International Student Award Achievers

Brian Weihan Wang Brian from China received the Leadership Award. In his role as School Vice-Captain, he was an outstanding role model for other students and assisted his school's international student coordinator in supporting other international students.

(As extracted from DE International Outstanding Contribution 2017)

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Student Testimonials

“Words alone cannot express my gratitude, but I hope you understand how privileged and proud I am, and all of us are, to be a student of Kogarah High School. To all the teachers, I would like to thank you for being with us and helping us throughout the year. Without you, our accomplishments would have been very different.”



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