Caring for Students - Anti-Racism Contact Officers

Each school has a trained Anti-racism contact officer (ARCO) to facilitate the complaints handling process.

The ARCO is an impartial facilitator, not an advocate for students, parents or community members.

Kogarah High School Anti-Racism Contact Officers:

  • Mr Hokin - HSIE Faculty
  • Mrs Spucys - English Faculty

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Please contact us if you have any concerns related to racism.

Information in a variety of languages about the role of the Anti-Racism Contact Officer can be found here: CLICK HERE

The ARCO has four main functions and assists the principal in promoting anti-racism education; mediator, procedural. educational and monitoring.



The ARCO initiates informal complaint mediation and resolution.


If an informal resolution isn’t suitable, the complainant can:

  • lodge a formal complaint
  • ask the ARCO to assist in writing the complaint (a written complaint is not required).
  • Note: any formal action is undertaken by the principal or the principal’s nominee - the delegate; the ARCO can assist but not lead the process as directed in the Complaints Handling Policy.
  • The ARCO assists the principal in implementing anti-racism education and their role to the school community.

The principal and the ARCO ensure the school community is aware of the following policies:

  • Educational
  • Anti-racism Policy
  • Multicultural Education Policy
  • Aboriginal Education and Training Policy
  • Complaints Handling Policy.


The ARCO assists the principal maintain records of allegations and complaints. They determine which data to collect, identify statistical trends in relation to racism complaints, and implement educational activities or actions arising from the data or trends.