Caring for Students - Complaints of Racism

The principal is responsible for ensuring that the Anti-racism Policy is implemented in school.

Complaints regarding racism are dealt with in accordance to the Complaints Handling Policy.

Members of the school community can make a complaint about racism, including students, parents, staff members and members of the school’s wider community. Complaints of racism within the school community should be directed to the school’s Anti-racism contact officer (ARCO).

The ARCO is the central point of contact for complaints of racism. They record complaints and resolution methods, and maintain all data in line with the policy guidelines.

The following complaints process has been summarised from the Anti-racism education – advice for schools implementation document:

  • The ARCO liaises with the complainant to ascertain if an informal resolution is possible or appropriate. This depends on the seriousness of the complaint or if complainant is fearful of, or intimidated by, the respondent.
  • If an informal resolution isn’t possible, the ARCO advises the complainant of their rights and refers the matter to the ‘delegate’. The delegate is nominated by the principal and is often an executive member of staff or the principal themselves. In line with the guidelines, they can request the ARCO’s assistance.
  • The delegate is responsible for complaints requiring a formal resolution and they lead any investigation or negotiation.
  • The delegate makes the final decision on whether a negotiated settlement is possible. The delegate informs the complainant, the respondent, the ARCO and the school principal of each outcome.