Our School - Student Representative Council

 Be part of the Kogarah High School Student Representative Community 

At Kogarah High School we have a strong focus on promoting positive values and prioritising student participation in the school. Through the Student Representative Council (SRC), all students are given a voice, and students develop a clear sense of responsibility and social awareness. The SRC is a group of volunteer students who are elected to represent students across each grade. 

The SRC allows its members to learn the processes that have made our democratic system so successful, gain valuable communication and leadership skills and positively contribute to the life of the school community. Weekly meetings provide members with a forum to discuss issues raised by the student body and to plan activities within the school community. 

Over the past year, the SRC has:

  • Represented the school at leadership events, including meeting the Governor General  
  • Promoted multicultural respect and awareness through a range of Harmony Day activities  
  • Organised fundraising drives to support important charities and issues, such as the Nepal Earthquake and White Ribbon Day
  • Promoted greater creative and performing arts within the school
  • Helped bring about changes to the Kogarah High School uniform

For the continued improvement of this group and their work within the school we rely on feedback and suggestions from members of the student body and the local community.

If you would like to give feedback or offer suggestions to our SRC, please contact us