Our School - Student Wellbeing and Discipline

Kogarah High School supports the learning, wellbeing and safety of all students. Collaboration between staff, students and parents/carers is fundamental to maintaining positive student behaviour and effective discipline in our school. Kogarah High School expectations are consistent with the NSW Department of Education's Behaviour Code for Students.
    In NSW public schools students are expected to:
      - Respect other students, their teachers and school staff and community members
      - Follow school and class rules and follow the directions of their teachers
      - Strive for the highest standards in learning
      - Respect all members of the school community and show courtesy to all students, teachers and
      community members
      - Resolve conflict respectfully, calmly and fairly
      - Comply with the school's uniform policy or dress code
      - Attend school every day (unless legally excused)
      - Respect all property
      - Not be violent or bring weapons, illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco into our schools
      - Not bully, harass, intimidate or discriminate against anyone in our schools
At Kogarah High School we expect our students to:
    * Follow classroom rules
    * Treat others with respect and courtesy
    * Respect school property
    * Help make the school a safe place for learning
    * Uphold the school values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience