Our School - Dragon / Lion Dance Group

Achievements of the Dragon and lion dance group

The dragon and lion dance group is a new group at Kogarah High School providing a great opportunity for students here who love Chinese language and culture to broad and deep their knowledge. It also promotes the student’s better understanding of multiculturalism in Australia. Students can participate this wonderful extra-curriculum activity at school and help themselves to establish their confidence and acknowledgement of 21st century learning and be prepared for their future.

Since March 2016 Harmony week, Kogarah High school started a dragon and lion dance group by our international students and students who love Chinese culture and language. The group was supported and funded by Sinofield, which is a non-profit organisation located in Blue Mountains serving Chinese language education and Chinese culture promotion. In 2017, the group has performed not only for the school harmony week but also at Winter Magic Festival at Blue Mountains during Term 2. Their performance not only impressed the local residents but also welcomed the visitors from nation-wide and even world-widely. During the school holiday between Term 2 and Term 3, the group had a great opportunity to perform for the 2nd Asia Pacific National Conference for Australian Chinese Teachers. They felt so proud of their achievements and have received excellent feedback from the participants of the conference.