Faculties - PDHPE

The PDHPE faculty at Kogarah High School concentrates on delivering quality education through ensuring students meet the outcomes of each of the courses in years 7-12.

Our aim is for the students to reach their potential whilst enjoying 'state of the art' sporting facilities at Kogarah High School. 

Faculty Aims/Objectives:

At Kogarah High School, the aim is to develop and implement PDHPE programmes which will enable students to:

  • Become socially responsible students by gaining the relevant knowledge and skills to deal with life’s challenges
  • Participate actively in exercise and develop life skills that will support a healthy lifestyle.

Faculty Structure:

PDHPE is studied by all students from Years 7-10. The students cover all syllabus outcomes throughout this four year period.

Elective Courses

Year 9-10 PASS (Physical Activity and Sport Studies)

This course is offered as an elective course for students in Years 9-10. It is suited to students who have a love of sport or are interested in career path within the wider field of sport. It extends the students knowledge, understanding and skills from the mandatory PDHPE course.

Topics studied can include:

European Handball, Gaelic Football, Coaching Ultimate Frisbee Disability and sport Outdoor Recreation (Ski Trip) Body Systems and Sport Issues in sport, Australia's Sporting Identity


Yr 11-12 SLR (Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation)

This course is for students who want to maintain an active lifestyle and extend their skills throughout their senior school years. It extends the knowledge gained in the PASS course, but it is not essential that students have completed this course. There is a large practical component that provides the opportunity for students to further develop their sporting prowess.

Topics can include;

Outdoor Recreation (3 Day Camp) Sports Administration Coaching Resistance Training/ Fitness Sports Applications Aquatics


Yr 11-12 PDHPE (Personal Development and Physical Education)

This course provides an opportunity for students to explore in detail such topics as Sports Medicine, First Aid, Outdoor Recreation, Sports Psychology and Physiology. It looks at Australia's health and related health concerns. It is for students who have a desire to further their interest and knowledge in sport related topics. This course provides a great stepping stone for students wishing to pursue a career in: PDHPE Teaching, Physiotherapy, Sports Administration, Sports Nutrition, Sports Psychology, Exercise Science and Personal Training, Occupational Therapy, Nursing and Health Science.


Student Requirements:

  • Years 7-11 Kogarah High School PE uniform for all Practical lessons


Extracurricular Activities:

The following excursions are a formal component throughout the various courses:

  • Yr 9-10 PASS: 3 Day Ski Trip that includes a visit to the Australian Institute of Sport.
  • Yr 11 PDHPE and SLR: 3 day Outdoor Recreation experience
  • Yr 11 PD and Yr 12 SLR: First Aid course that incorporates a Senior First Aid Certificate.
  • Aquatics Excursion


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